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If you need help in a hurry, you can find great digital templates and resources here. If you have your own digital products and you meet our members’ quality checks, you can sell your digital products here.

SPITMARKET is a fair and equitable digital product marketplace which focuses on three core values.

  1. Premium quality digital products, created and owned by the members selling their expertise.
  2. Fair prices, both for the buyer and seller.
  3. No corporate greed. We take minimal commission, customer satisfaction is more important than profit, and we are putting something back into the community.

How does this work and how are we different to other marketplaces?

  1. Our Products are only high quality items, carefully curated by our selected “Members” – there’s no internet dross!
  2. Our customer support is done by the experts – our Members created the product so are best placed to assist with any support.
  3. Members receive a higher percentage than other digital marketplaces, so we attract the best professionals.
  4. Our Members help one-another to improve SPITMARKET’s products, and to make it a better place to shop.
  5. We donate 10% of our surplus each month to charity, as decided by our Members.

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Some of the products for sale at SPITMARKET

Simple explanation of the Regulations and requirements when transferring waste from your site.


The innovation and implementation template gives you requirements, overview, methodology and resource planning to get innovation functioning in your business. This template was created for and used by a multinational…


The “Three Horizon Framework” was published in 1999, and helps organisations plan and structure a healthy innovation pipeline. This template pack acts as a rapid introduction, and provides materials for…

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This Keynote Roadmap Template is used to manage-, plan- and report- on a film studio portfolio of film projects.

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The textbook use for this analysis is to determine when mechanisation becomes worthwhile.  In practice it works for any quantifiable decision and should be used to test most financial proposals.…


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