Sell your own digital products

Requirements to sell your own digital products on SPITMARKET

Are you interested in selling your own digital products?


1. You have created a digital product that is useful to others

  • You have created one or more digital products – a template or a guide or an e-book (or other – tell us about it!) – that you know is valuable to other professionals.
  • It is borne from your own creativity, expertise, experience and you have used it in a real professional setting.
  • It is not the property of anyone else. It is your own Intellectual Property – see this guide to check if it really is yours.

2. A Title and Biography for your Member Page

  • Your “Member Page” at SPITMARKET displays your products and describes who you are.
  • You need to construct a Title for this page, plus a concise Biography, to sell your expertise.
  • This is what we use to decide on whether to select you for SPITMARKET, or not.
  • Only people with a demonstrable professional expertise will be accepted as a member of SPITMARKET.

3. You agree to follow our Code of Conduct

4. A PayPal account

  • When your products sell, we pay the commission immediately into your Paypal account.
  • We will support other payment providers in the future (tell us if there’s one you like).

If you have all this:

Register here to sell your own digital products on SPITMARKET

How do I sell my own Digital Products?

Simply ensure you meet our four criteria, and you can register to join Spitmarket. You could be up and running selling products within a week.