What kind of digital template product sells well?

What kind of Digital Template Product sells well?

The answer is “The one that is needed”.

OK, that’s a bit unhelpful. How do I create a digital product that is needed?

Like it or not, you are an expert¹; You have spent a year / a few years / maybe decades learning to do things and gaining expertise in your niche.

Now you need to crystallise that expertise into something that people with less experience than you in your niche will need, and something that will help them.

Here is our simple process to help you distil your expertise into Digital Products that sell.

You are an expert, so:

Other people less experienced than you will need to learn and use what you have already learned and used.

  1. Sometimes they will manage on their own. OK – they don’t need you in these instances.
  2. But, in other instances they will be in need of help, and they will be short on time.
  3. When this happens, they search the internet for help to address their niche need.
  4. This is where you come in, with your product on SPITMARKET.

You can set yourself up to help this person. And this is how:-

1. Map out your niche expertise

  • Sketch a quick calendar:  ‘a year in the work life of you
    • i.e. what are the seasonal events in your business?
    • what are the repeating processes?
  • If that doesn’t give you much

2. Break it down into key moments of need

  • where would newcomers need help or training?
  • where are there rushes or pressure points?
  • what are the problems?
  • where have you seen people having trouble?
  • where have you needed to create presentations?
  • where have you previously needed training?
  • where have you previously needed guidance?

3. Sketch a Digital Product idea for each key moment

This is how you start your range of digital products that will help professionals:

  • How might you create a template or digital guide or eBook to meet each need?
  • How could you do each one in say 5-10 sides? (try to keep it small to start with)
  • What are the key points that must be addressed?
  • How do you convey your expertise, and help the person into it?
  • What prior knowledge would be required?
  • Could you help with that prior knowledge? (i.e. another “supporting” product)

4. Start by creating the Digital Product that feels the best

  • Choose one of your items, and get started.
  • Sketch it out, fill in the blanks, and create content where it’s needed.
  • If in doubt, or if you get stuck, contact SPITMARKET² and ask for some advice.

Try a few times; Iterate.

This might be hard and you may not have much satisfaction with this process at first, so make your first notes rough. Do it a few times and do it while you are travelling. Use a notebook. Keep stewing over it and adding ideas.

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¹ It is quite normal to find this an uncomfortable idea, especially if you are British. However, by the nature of being a professional with experience, you have gained a marketable expertise.

² Only available to SPITMARKET members.


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