Sell your own Project Management Templates

Sell your own Project Management Templates

How do I sell my own Project Management Templates?

Simply apply to be part of our professional community, and you could be selling your own products within days.

What makes a good Project Management Template?

Focus on a template that performs one task well, and presents it professionally, with tips and recommendations. Clear, focused, and helpful.

What should I avoid in my Project Management Templates?

Avoid verbose templates, and those that are purely Titles and Bullet Points; those things will put your customers off.

What makes a good template product page to sell my template?

1. Ensure that you have clear headings outlining the problems your template addresses.
2. Show how your template will help your customers solve the problems.
3. Use clear headings, and short paragraphs of text, and show screenshots of your template.

What areas of Project Management are good to sell?

  1. Project planning.
  2. Transition planning.
  3. Specialist Roadmaps.
  4. Process Guides.
  5. Presentation templates for niche project management tasks.
  6. Risk Management.
  7. Status Updates.
  8. Project review templates.

How should I format my Project Management Template product page?

Generally, be as specific as you can so that the right customers find you, and so that you convince them that your product is perfect.

Top tips

  1. Write a heading that gives specifics about your template. e.g. “Template for creating an Agile Project Plan for Software Delivery”. (Avoid generic titles)
  2. In the first paragraph, outline the problem that your template solves. Be clear and avoid jargon and “business speak”.
  3. Explain how your template solves that exact problem.
  4. Describe your experience and expertise in the area. This is very important for search engine algorithms in 2023: Experience and Expertise.
  5. Include screenshots with descriptions, so that your potential customer can see what they will be getting.

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