Our values

When the SPITMARKET idea was created, we had some very clear principles in mind.

  • Pride: We want to be proud of what we do at all times.
  • Community: We wanted people to feel that they were part of SPITMARKET, not just a “buyer” or a “seller”.
  • Fairness: Whilst our accountants tell us profit is important we believe people should come first.


  1. If you chose to sell anything via our platform you join as a “Member”.
  2. You keep A GENEROUS % of the revenues made from your products.
  3. The remainder is used by the platform team to re-invest back in the market and to cover costs.
  4. When we do make a profit as a Marketplace, and we will, we pledge to give 10% to charity.

Want to sell your own Digital Products?

What you need to sell your own digital products on SPITMARKET

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