How to sell your own procurement templates

How to sell your own procurement templates

Time needed: 1 day

Follow these steps to start selling your own procurement templates.

  1. Make sure the procurement template is yours to sell.

    We rely on the honesty and integrity of our sellers, so you must be sure that you have the legal right to sell the template(s).
    If you are unsure, you can check our guide here to see if the template is yours to sell.

  2. Register to sell your templates.

    Fill out the application form here, and be sure to include a good and detailed description of your expertise so that potential customers can see your experience and business credentials.

  3. Your application is reviewed.

    We run a brief check to ensure your registration makes sense and is not breaching our terms. If it looks good, we will enable your account and you can proceed to uploading your templates.

  4. You create SEO content and upload your procurement template(s).

    Once we have enabled your account, you can upload your template(s) to Spitmarket. Each template must have a carefully chosen title, image and text content so that it is optimized for Search Engines (SEO). You can use our content creation guide to optimize your product for SEO to drive sales.

  5. Your templates are checked.

    We check your template(s) and editorial to make sure they make sense and are optimized.

  6. Your template is LIVE – You are ready for sales!

    If all is well, and we authorize your template, then it is public and can commence sales immediately.
    We recommend that you help sales by taking these steps:
    A. Promote it – share it on social media.
    B. Link to it – if you have a website or blog, make a post about your product and link to it on Spitmarket.
    C. Test and improve it – ask your friends and colleagues what they think of your product and sales editorial, so that they can help you improve it.
    You can read more about this here in our “What to do after you have published your product” post.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the commission for selling my Procurement Templates?

Sellers on Spitmarket get an immediate 50% commission on any sales of their own templates. We increase this commission as the sales volumes increase.

How do sellers get paid their commission?

Sellers get paid into their designated PayPal account.

What kind of Procurement Templates can be sold?

Sellers can sell a number of formats, including but not limited to:-
* Powerpoint templates.
* PDF reference guides.
* MS Word Templates.
* Keynote templates.

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