Is the Digital Product Yours to Sell?

I’ve read the terms and conditions, I am pretty sure that the digital product is mine. How do I make sure?

Being clear about the provenance of a digital product is key to being a seller at SPITMARKET. The digital product might be a PDF file, or an Excel template, or a template from another application.

If you can answer “Yes” to all the following, you should be fine to proceed, but this is only a guide. 

  1. Did you create it?
  2. In your own time?
  3. On your own IT kit*?
  4. If you right click and look at the properties of the template, are all versions yours, including the original?

* i.e. your own computer with your own software license.

Some Scenarios to Consider.

  1. You create a digital file, whilst employed as PAYE staff, for a work related project. NOT YOURS
  2. You create a digital file in work time for a work project. It’s never used. STILL NOT YOURS
  3. You resign and download a tonne of stuff you created, for work, on your last day. STILL NOT YOURS
  4. You create a digital file, then join a company, gift it to them to assist. Unless your employment contract affords your employer any intellectual property rights. YOURS
  5. You completely re-engineer project plans etc in a generic way in your own time because you are bored and think it could be done better. YOURS
  6. As a consultant you create templates for use with clients, the understanding being they don’t own the templates just use them. YOURS

If you created it, on your time, for you, on your own IT kit, you are good to go.

If you created it on your own time, for you, on company IT, check your contract of employment. If it’s still yours, re-create using your own IT before submitting.


OK – It is my own Product to sell.