After you have published your template product, promote it!

After publishing your digital product, promote it.

You’ve considered the conversion funnel, you’ve optimised your product, and now it’s published. What next?

1) Link to your product from your website(s).

If you have a business website, or a personal blog, put in helpful links to your new product. When putting these links in, consider the user experience, and so be careful to put in plenty of explanation and context.

Tips for your links:

  1. Link directly to your product page: Don’t just link to the Spitmarket homepage, link directly to your product page.
  2. Include the product title in the link: It helps users when you link the text that best describes your product.
  3. If you can write a blog post: Give some context – some text introduction – and include a picture of the product (also hyperlinked directly to the product page).

2) Ask your target audience what they think.

A nice way of putting your product in front of your target audience is to ask them what they think about it. i.e. Don’t go straight for the hard sell, try some professional flattery.

This can be especially practical if you have friends in your target customer space. If not, have a dig on your linkedin and see if you can find anyone. Try something like:

I expect you have all your needs covered in this area, being a respected person/company in this business area, but I was wondering what professionals like you might think of this product?

This will help you because:-

  1. You may get some useful feedback, that will help you further optimise your product.
  2. You plant your product in their mind, even if they don’t write back or help you immediately.

If they love it, consider giving them a free version in return for a testimonial.

3) Write a guest blog post / article for an industry publisher.

Many online publishers are actively looking for engaging content from professionals in their specialist business area.

You can help them by providing an article that your colleagues around the world would be interested in,… and you can provide a link to your digital product as part of this.


  1. Think of an article title related to you product; e.g. “Top 3 Challenges that SMEs face in {area of product} in 2019.”
  2. Draft a few bullet points about it.
  3. Approach online publishers with a proposal: “I am writing an article on {your article idea}. Would you be interested? I would like to promote my {product} as part of this.”

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