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5 top tips for writing digital product SEO to generate sales (updated 2023)

It can be hard writing digital product SEO to generate sales for the first time.

What will make it sell?

What should I write about?

We have been selling digital products since 2007, and have the expertise and experience in this area.*

Here is a guide with some top tips that we found effective in achieving those three areas.

You must focus when writing digital product SEO to generate sales

How do I reach my target customer with my digital product?

1. Optimize your title to match what the customer will be asking the search engine so that the search engine is likely to list your page. Think “niche” and be specific!
2. Optimize the first description so that they click on your search listing when they see it, and…
3. Optimize the text and images on the product page, so that they are convinced it solves their exact problem when they have clicked through to your product page.

How to use this article?

Firstly, spend 30 minutes working through these tips and create some notes for reference. Then create your sales text and imagery using these notes. Keep the text snappy and to-the-point. Use short paragraphs and helpful headings. And then, as we say at the end of this post, test it on a friend.

Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Tips 1 and 2 below must inform the content in your Product Title, and the first paragraph of your content, so that search engines pick this up.

Tip 1 – Put yourself in the mind of your target customer

This is your first and highest priority. This will help you find your target customers through the search engines, and then speak directly to their needs when they reach your sales content.

Think about:

  1. What is their goal? –> This is the need your product is answering.
  2. What will they be searching for? –> Your product title should answer their search question.
  3. How much help are you giving them? –> Be clear in your product page text about every point of help.
  4. How much will they spend? –> Think carefully about what you would pay.

Right, now hold that mindset and move on to tip 2:

Tip 2 – Describe how your Product will help your target customer

Be clear right up front what your product does, and say it in one sentence.

  1. Does it save them time? –> Be clear about how.
  2. Is it an asset they can use easily? –> Tell them how easy it is.
  3. Does it make their work look better? –> Describe how easily they can put their work in.
  4. Does it provide them with new skills? –> Describe how they will get these skills.

OK. You’ve written that sentence that describes how your product helps them. Now move on to tip 3:

Tip 3 – Talk your customer through the process

Describe how your customer will be able to use your product:

  1. How do they actually use it? –> Which software? What steps?
  2. How long will it take? –-> Is it 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute?
  3. What are the steps to use it? –> If it is a training course, describe how to run it.
  4. Does it require any preparation? –> If there is extra work, make that clear.
  5. Is there guidance? –> If you offer help within the digital product, make this clear. It is valuable.
  6. What prior knowledge or skills are essential? –> Be sure you do not assume any knowledge. Tell them what’s needed.

Great stuff. They know how they will use it. Now move on to tip 4:

Tip 4 – Give evidence of real life usage and success

Your target customer will be wondering if it is going to work for them. Seriously. So you must explain how it has worked for you and/or your clients/colleagues.

You can include:

  • Short story about your last use of the product.
  • A testimonial.
  • Example uses on previous projects.

Now you’ve done that, move on to tip 5:

Tip 5 – Use at least one good picture

Your target customer is a human – a visual creature. You must picture the product somehow so that they are convinced it is what you describe.

Show that your product is high quality with a good “Featured Image”

Your customer is ready to spend money your product. Your “Featured Image” must support your points 1 and 2 above, and allay any fears about low quality internet dross. This image is also what appears in social media posts, and in search engine image searches.

So choose it carefully, and ensure it communicates quality.

Good imagery for your product:

  • A person using your product.
  • A screenshot of a nice graphic that is in your product.
  • An infographic from your product.


  • Clipart or stock imagery.
  • Screenshots of a plain presentation with bullet points.

Imagery is important for writing digital product SEO to generate sales

Don’t be too worried about giving away some of your content in the form of imagery. Sure, people may copy the idea, but your traffic is going to be mostly those people who need your product; they are not time-rich, and they won’t be thinking to recreate the product for themselves.

So – put some cropped images, or sneak previews in line as part of the content if you can.

That’s it. You’ve completed the five steps!

Now publish it!

Once you’ve done this, test it all on a friend!

Show it quick, show it early.

Don’t spend too long polishing the content – GET IT OUT THERE AND TEST IT. Then learn and update it.

That’s it – off you go!

We will expand on each of the above areas in due course. Please contact us if you want to discuss.

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