This is the simple code of conduct that all SPITMARKET Members agree to follow.

As a Member, you agree to:

  1. Be professional – Support your fellow Members; always be respectful, altruistic and kind.
  2. Be patient – Good content and useful products will succeed, but they may take a while to “bed in”.
  3. Support your users – Help your users before and after purchase as rapidly as you possibly can.
  4. Promote your products – Use your other online presences to link to- and share- your products.
  5. Improve your products – If you have new ideas, or customer feedback, use this to optimise your products.

We know that if all SPITMARKET Members follow this code of conduct, then we can grow and sustain a successful Member community that both HELPS PEOPLE and MAKES MONEY. Plus, importantly, it can sustain revenue for the Member Community’s chosen charities.

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