This is boring but important.

We cannot verify every document submitted for either intellectual ownership or functionality so we are relying on YOU to be, well, honest. Not just with us but with your fellow members.

So in simple terms here are our terms and conditions.

  1. Only sell your own property: By putting any template on SPITMARKET, you are guaranteeing that  YOU own the intellectual property of that template and that there are NO restrictions either known or suspected which would prevent you from selling or sharing that template. For a guide as to how you can tell if you do own the rights, look here.
  2. Remove any sensitive data: Please bear in mind that sensitive data (pricing, company accounts, structure, future strategy etc) should NEVER appear in  your templates. If that company is listed on any financial market where shares are traded, it becomes quite a serious issue with regulators and government authorities. Basic rule of thumb is that if it is in the public domain already (via official channels) you may include. If not, delete!
  3. Do not use macros: DO NOT USE MACROS, or anything else which could cause users concerns or even damage of their equipment.
  4. Adhere to SPITMARKET Member Code of Conduct: By submitting an application to become a Member, and by offering your digital products on SPITMARKET, you agree to follow our SPITMARKET Member Code of Conduct at all time.
  5. Treat SPITMARKET visitors well: We operate a policy of 100% customer satisfaction, and what that means is that if a buyer is not happy and wants a refund we will always provide it. We have found that from experience 99.9% of folk are honest and decent and refund rates run at less than 0.01% of all sales but on the odd occasion the request is made, we will gain feedback as to why then process the refund. We will always communicate directly with you on the rare occasion this happens.
  6. Help people when they need it: When any assistance is required by a buyer, you promise to assist if it relates to any technical aspect of your template.

Please do not think it’s a one-way street – see our buyers terms here; We aim to protect your intellectual property at all times.