4 things that happen after you join SPITMARKET

1 – You start making sales

  • This is, of course, why you are here – it might start off slow, or go big quick but rest assured there is a market demand out there.
  • You generate income for yourself, for charities, and to make the Members’ platform better.
  • You make more sales

2 – You use our helpful promotion guides to optimise your products

  • We are here to help. We’ve vast experience in this space and have learned some valuable (and painful) lessons along the way.
  • We have a growing body of content to help our SpitMarket Members

3 – You share experiences with other professionals at SpitMarket

  • Everyone can learn from everyone. It’s a learning platform to help create a more efficient selling platform.
  • We really wish to promote the idea of like minded folk helping each other and sharing experiences, successes etc will go a long way.

4 – You get ideas for new Products

  • Inspiration will arrive from your customers, and from the community.
  • Part of the impetus to create SpitMarket was customers coming to us requesting documents and templates we were unable to design because of a lack of subject matter expertise. With a wider community, requests and requirements can be met more readily and customers can create the demand.

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