SWOT Analysis Guide and Templates for 2024 – 9 Steps with guidance and templates, solutions, cheat sheet, and roadmap

Discover the Power of SWOT Analysis with Our Comprehensive Templates Pack! SWOT analysis, encapsulating Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, stands as a cornerstone for evaluating businesses and products. Featuring a 9-stage SWOT process complete with guides and templates, our Powerpoint starter pack is your ultimate companion for crafting insightful SWOT analyses.

How does this SWOT Analysis Guide help?

This PowerPoint pack gives guidance from the start to the finish, so that you can work through the 9-step process on your own or with your team.

9-stage SWOT Process With Guides and Templates

  1. SWOT Problems – Look at the common pitfalls and solutions for SWOT Analysis.
  2. SWOT Questions – These questions are to prompt your team’s ideas.
  3. Cheat Sheet – Use this for reference to check if you have missed any obvious factors.
  4. SWOT Items List – Generate your SWOT items and work them into this template.
  5. SWOT Evaluation – Evaluate each factor in S, W, O, T for importance and impact.
  6. Prioritisation – Order them by importance.
  7. SWOT Matrix – Internal vs External, Negative vs Positive.
  8. SWOT Actions – How are you going to take action?
  9. SWOT Plan – Work your SWOT analysis into an actionable plan!

What sets us apart from the rest?

While other templates merely facilitate listing SWOT components, ours orchestrates the entire journey from inception to execution. Empower your SWOT analysis with a robust framework that propels you from brainstorming to action seamlessly. Harness the power of process-driven guidance to propel your SWOT analysis into actionable strategies. Elevate your approach and unlock new dimensions of success with our SWOT Analysis Templates Pack!

SWOT Analysis Guide contents

Our guide, created from practical experience since the 2000s, has simple instructional slides.
SWOT Analysis Guide PowerPoint Template Pack PPT Slide Contents
SWOT Analysis Guide PowerPoint Template Pack Contents
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