Three Horizons Innovation Framework Introduction and Templates (Keynote and Powerpoint)

In order to remain competitive, and to survive disruption from elsewhere, a business should be investing in its innovation pipeline constantly. The Three Horizons Framework helps organisations achieve a structured approach to innovation, and this template provides some background, some supporting arguments, and template slides to help managers with new innovation programmes.

Background Information

  • The 3 Horizons model was first published in The Alchemy of Growth by Merhdad Baghai, Stephen Coley, and David White in 1999.
  • It was made popular by McKinsey, Geoffrey Moore, and others more recently.
  • It is NOT new thinking, but the 3 areas of focus form a useful and simple pattern to ensure that your organisation focuses on maintaining an active innovation pipeline.

This Three Horizons Framework Template Includes

  1. Background to support an innovation programme
  2. The Eisenhower matrix to explain the importance of investing in strategic projects
  3. Introduction to the Three Horizons Framework
  4. Introduction to the FROST Innovation Framework
  5. An introduction to the “Suicide Box” when developing new innovation concepts
  6. An introduction in constant Innovation Pipeline investment
  7. A Three Horizons Status Report
  8. A Three Horizons “If we carry on as we are” Roadmap Template
  9. A Three Horizons Action Plan Roadmap Template

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Three Horizons Innovation Framework - Template with Editorial Guidelines
Three Horizons Innovation Framework – Template with Editorial Guidelines
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