Why join SPITMARKET? Because it helps YOU!

You are a professional in an age of content sharing and social media.

Where do you spend your precious time online?

Is it on LinkedIn?… Pinterest?… Twitter?… Facebook?… Instagram?… Medium?… YouTube?… the list goes on.

Inevitably the answer is probably a mixture of those, plus others. There are so many.

You might be enjoying it, and maybe even learning something, but one thing is for sure: Your expertise is not getting rewarded adequately.

These platforms give you minimal payback for your content and expertise.

These mass-user-base platforms are all commercially modelled to get you hooked, and to funnel profit and benefit to the platform shareholders.

You may be getting a little enjoyment out of it, and perhaps some micro-payments for 1000s of ad views, but really you are only getting a tiny slice of the pie.

The reality is you are the product on these sites; you create content, post it, share it, and then become a captive audience to advertisers who pay large sums of money to get access you. Personal, bespoke access. Try it – do a web search for a product, then log on to Facebook – Boom, that product is suddenly being advertised directly to you.

This is where SPITMARKET is different.

3 great reasons to join SPITMARKET

1) We want you to get paid well for your expert content.

  • We have a model, borne from our parent company Business-Docs.co.uk, that works well for professional experts; You can encapsulate your content, process or idea, and make it available for professionals who are in need of “a leg up”, so to speak.
  • A few £ is well worth some expert help as a deadline clock looms; The customer needs your product, and is willing to pay for it, and we bring the two together.

2) We are a community that respects & helps one another

  • First things first: NO ADVERTISING. None. Not even one; People come to the site to learn, buy and discuss. We respect that, so we will never use them as a captive set of eyeballs for a few £.
  • Members are experts, proud of what they have produced, and happy to assist each other.
  • Buyers come for help, guidance and products, we provide this through your expertise.

3) We pay 10% of our surplus to charities

  • Not a gimmick. A REAL commitment.
  • Because big corporations rake in billions, pay their employees as little as they can, then employ accountants to avoid as much tax as possible. And quite frankly there has to be a better way right?
  • So 10% of ALL PROFIT goes to charity. No ifs no buts.
  • Plus, we pay our taxes. Not happily, lets not kid each other here, but pay them we do.

Want to Join Us?