Annual and Sickness Leave Project Tracking Editable Template

Annual and Sickness Leave Project Tracking Editable Template

Annual and Sickness Leave Project Tracking Editable Template

a) A location to log all project resource off project time including sickness, annual leave, other project work etc.

b) Can be held centrally on a transparent intranet for both project and client viewing of project resources

c) Can aid in resource planning and stop key technical resources being booked for annual leave during the same project periods

a) Annual Leave half day
b) Annual Leave full day
c) Sick Leave half day
d) Sick Leave full day
e) Training half day
f) Training full day
g) Other Project half day
h) Other Project full day
i) Other half day
j) Other full day
k) Bank Holiday

Rather than leaving it to a verbal agreement between you and your employee, an employee vacation tracking spreadsheet ensures every project employee is held accountable for their own time off requests. Project Managers can easily keep track of which team members are in and out of the office at a glance.

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Mark is an experienced Senior Project Manager, who has worked at ascending points in software development lifecycle (SDLC) projects for over 30 years. He has impressive credentials in the delivery of highly complex projects in challenging conditions. He has held senior Project Management positions and helped to drive significant business transformation through IT systems and service delivery using both Agile and Waterfall approaches in accordance with ISO QA directives.

Notable successes are working as Project Manager at a large UK retail bank with responsibility for managing the swap out of old legacy ATM software systems for modern technologies and leading the implementation of an ATM/POS monitoring & reporting system at a large retail bank in Saudi Arabia. He has a broad management and IT background and interfaces well with both technical and business stakeholders, on-site and internally.

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