Millennial millionaire toolbox

I'm a millennial who has done rather well in society’s perspective. These include getting into a top university, working for world class companies and compounding wealth. Behind these successes is a ton of hard work, meticulously planning but also life hacks that I have learnt from others or picked up along the way. I have compiled these learnings into what I call a ‘Millennial Millionaire Toolbox’. In the toolbox, you will find hacks that can help you structure, think and act on important life decisions. From financial planning, job searching, career development, finding your passion, chunks of wisdom will be provided by someone who has walked the same path as you not too long ago.

For those who may be a little older, fear not. These tools and wisdom pieces are timeless. Use it for your own personal growth or share it with your loved ones and children if you see fit.

Get hacking through life with the millennial millionaire toolbox now.